The Blue Bus

Photo by Loryne

As we gathered at Sodeco Square for our March photo-trip to Saida, a blue bus drove past and parked besides us. Out came our friendly bus driver, Hilal, who’s accompanied our group for the two previous photo-trips to Tripoli and Douma.

Yup, this was going to be our ride for the day.

(Pause for reactions)

With a mix of nostalgia of school-days and suprise, we hopped onto the bus for the trip. I’m sure each photographer had their own reaction to riding in a blue school bus but at the end of the day, it was part of the adventure. And fitting 18 photographers into this bus made for a better chance to get to know each other better – like who was brave enough to sit at the door which would only slam shut once Hilal hit the breaks.

We’ll probably be taking bigger buses on future trips, but this bus is worth remembering for being so unique. 🙂

Our upcoming trip will be to Zahle – check out the event page for more info (coming soon!).


5 responses to “The Blue Bus

  1. There I am waiting to get on the bus because it had started getting COLD.

    I think the driver was more embarrassed about the bus than we were. We were just having too much fun!

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