Some things don’t change.

Exactly one year ago, I went on my first street photography trip of Saida with a friend. We explored the same alleyways and souks of this colorful city. What stood out during my trip over the weekend is how much some things change between one year and the other – and how little some things change at the same time.

I met this kaak vendor last year. He still has his kaak cart in the same spot and he still wears the same beanie:

Photo taken of the kaak vendor last year (Saida, March 2010)

The same kaak vendor - one year later (Saida, March 2011)

But some things have changed since, at least at the surface. He’s added cotton candy to his cart. Perhaps they sell better than kaak these days? And maybe he’s stopped smoking.. Who knows. I wish I had more of a chance to chat with him and wondered if he might have remembered me taking his picture last year.


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