Battle of the Brands

Last Friday, BSP posted a question on Facebook and photographers, both local and international, took part to share their preferences.

Before scrolling further, let me ask you – which brand do you prefer for Street Photography? What brand are you using and why?

Well, here were the results (one week later):

[Click here to see original poll and comments]

Canon at 79 votes was the top choice, followed by Nikon at 41 votes, Leica at 12 votes, Sony at 5 votes and lastly, Panasonic with only 1 vote.

The results were interesting as I didn’t expect such a large gap between Canon and Nikon users. Although as a Canon user myself, I’m not really complaining the results turned out as they did.

If you start looking at specifics though, like which models of each brand, then it gets slightly more tricky. The camera of choice by many of the BSP photographers actually seems to be the Canon Rebel xSi (also known as the 500D outside the USA) which isn’t the fanciest camera in the world, but the results will surprise you. It’s got a light body too, which makes walking around in it all day that much easier.

Check out the different models being used by our group below:

Taken by KrikOrian Mher during Tripoli Photo-Trip

The pile is growing! Photo also taken by KrikOrian Mher during our latest trip to Saida.

So what’s the message behind all this?

No matter what kind of camera or brand you use, you can still take great pictures – especially if you learn how to train your eye and use the camera properly. The Leica can wait another few years, but your portfolio doesn’t.

(Psst-psst: does anyone else think that Canon should sponsor our group? lol!)


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