Street Photo Of the Week #2

It’s that time in the week again to showcase the best street photo of the week, selected from the ones posted on BSP’s Facebook wall and Flickr pool.

This week’s top street photograph was this one:

"C'est la vie." by KrikOrian Mher

Krikorian’s personal interpretation about his photo: “C’est la vie.. That’s what I first said when I saw this photo. She was sitting on a Sunday morning, working.. Her face represents the journey of her life, and I bet she suffered a lot. That’s what you can tell by looking at her eyes and face.”

One of the best things about street photography is its ability to capture that which oftentimes goes unnoticed, or unvalued. The rich details in this woman’s face, captured at this angle especially, tells so many stories. This photograph also does a great job of capturing its subject at her most natural state. This is her and this is her life. For a few minutes, you’re so close to her that you almost want to reach out and trace the lines that have been left by time on her face.

Well, that’s just my take. How do you interpret this photo? What do you like the most about it?

All we can say is keep up the great work Mher! Check out his photo-blog and Flickr for more. And to all the street photographers reading this, keep taking street photos and most importantly, keep posting them where we can see them 🙂



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