Monuments, Buildings and Icons

Since the launch of AUB Outdoors 2011 Samsung Photo Competition last week, up to 1215 photos have been submitted in the running (and that number is still growing). Photos submitted are in black and white or sepia, but all falling under theme of “old-looking monuments, buildings or icons”. The photos were international – some taken in Lebanon but many from across the world during travels.

So why is everyone so excited about entering this competition? Well, for one, winners have a chance at having their photos exhibited at this year’s AUB Outdoors – but I’m guessing the main reason is because the winners will receive a cool new Samsung NX10 camera.

Several BSP members are taking part in this competition – including a few (Rita, Lynn and myself) that will be donating the prize camera to a photographer who needs it but can’t afford it at the moment. Vote for your favorite photos below by clicking on the photos themselves and you’ll get directed to the competition to *like* their photos. (Don’t forget to *like* the AUB Outdoors 2011 Samsung Photo Competition page first of course) Let’s show our community some support with our votes:

St. Peter's Square - Vatican, Italy. By Rita Kamel

Cathédrale Saint Thérèse de Lisieux, Lisieux, France. By Nadim Hajjar

 Another photo submission by Nadim here.

The Silent Observer - Tripoli, Lebanon. By Loryne Atoui

Another photo submission by me here.

Jesus Old Icon in Italy. By Nahi El Deek

Another photo submission by Nahi here.

Old house in Hamra. By Aya Naboulsi

Snow Fortress in the hills of Mount Lebanon. By Gaby Nehme

For other BSP members who’s photos I didn’t include here, post the link(s) to your photo(s) on our Facebook page and I’ll add them to this post. (There were far too many photos in the album to track them all)

In all cases: Good luck to everyone that’s taking part! 🙂


4 responses to “Monuments, Buildings and Icons

  1. Hello, I would like to post information about your competition on an architecture-related website. But you do not have any information about the submission dates? Could you kindly let me know when the deadlines are for this competition?

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