The Signature Profile Picture

When you’re friends with photographers, there’s always an abundance of cool shots they took of you – whether on purpose (think photo-shoots) or “accidentally” while out shooting together. It’s wonderful to have such a collection of photos of yourself (which is not often when you’re the photographer among non-photographers). Plus, you never run out of great profile pictures for your Facebook account either..

Photo of KrikOrian "in the shoot" by Rita Kamel

But among these photos that photographers will naturally take of each other, is the signature photo almost every photographer will have with his/her camera. Just from my circle of photography-loving friends, I’d say about 50% of them currently have a photo of themselves with their precious cams as their Facebook profile picture (or at least one in their album somewhere).

It’s sort of like a rite-of-passage: buy a camera, take some shots with it and when you discover it’s your life’s passion/hobby/hope-to-be-profession – post a photo of yourself with your camera as your Facebook profile. Or maybe you’ve just become so inseperable from your camera that it’s hard to get a photo of you WITHOUT the camera.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not hating or making fun of this trend. I’ve been guilty of this time and time again – my camera makes an appearance in 10 of my profile pics from the past two years. Not to mention, my current profile picture is of me with my trusty Rebel (photo below taken by Nareg). I never really thought about why I do it, I just do.

Some of the photos of photographers with their cameras can get really creative – especially the ones of the photographer caught in action (climbing, down on the floor, up close to the subject..). Canon and Nikon don’t need fancy product photographers for their cameras: just collect Facebook profile pictures of people with their cameras. Does the term “subliminal product advertising” exist?

And now for the moment of truth: How many of you CURRENTLY have a photo of yourself with your camera as a profile picture? What are your thoughts on this trend among photographers? Is there a reason why you like having a photo of yourself with your camera as a Facebook profile?


One response to “The Signature Profile Picture

  1. Well, I have 3 of those & a lot of pictures made of me by fellow photographers whether posing or caught making some. I think that not only a lot of photographers do have a picture with their camera but also many engage into making their own self portraits the way themselves see it.

    For us photographers pictures are our medium of expression. A picture with a camera says: “I am a photographer” or “I love photography”. It’s a sort of statement. Having that on Facebook makes you easily spotted as such (could be for business reasons) some a also add the word “photography” next to their name to stand out of the crowd. Anything works 🙂

    For others, photography is a pleasure and they are keen on showing it!

    Anyways, that’s my 2 cents on the subject 🙂

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