Street Photo of the Week #5

Shadows have a character of their own. They are free-spirited entities that will move and mold their shape depending on their “mood” – either by faithfully imitating their subject or by completely rebelling into the realm of distortion.

When you’re a photographer, shadows are just as important a component of the shot as lighting – and they sort of come hand-in-hand. Use a bright flash and you’ll have a crisp shadow (that can sometimes be too overwhelming and hard to get rid of) but shoot in overcast weather, and you’ll have a hard time finding ANY shadows.

If used creatively, shadows can also help your photos tell a story or add a “surreal” dimension to everyday photography. On that note, this week’s Street Photo Of the Week (SPOW) is an example of these ideas put to action:

"Zig---Zag" by Arek Dakessian

The shadow here, combined with the yellow lighting and mellow tone, appears like a lightning bolt – both figuratively and literally. Arek’s photo is a great example of how photographers can use shadows to their benefit in adding that extra touch to their photo. Had he not noticed that shadow, zigzag-ing its way into the shot, would this photograph been as interesting? Share your thoughts.

Other similar experiments with shadows can be seen here. If you’ve also experimented with shadows in your photography, feel free to share them on BSP’s Facebook wall.


One response to “Street Photo of the Week #5

  1. That’s a very insightful visual interpretation of the imagery captured in this photo, great shot Arek and congrats for the SPOW. 🙂

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