Street Photo Of the Week #7

This week’s theme “Animals” was undoubtedly the most popular yet, with plenty photos of pets, exotic animals and few candid shots of animals in the street. You could tell how excited people were to take part!

Although this week’s featured photo was posted a little later then the rest, it was undoubtedly the most striking and fitting within the street photography theme:

"Doing Hard Time" by Nadim Kamel

Taken in Hemleya, Lebanon, Nadim describes this photo as “A tense moment of silence behind bars at a dog kennel. Dogs with difficult temperaments are often brought here for rehabiltation and training. Here, you can almost feel the pride and defiance in their eyes.”

You look at this photo and you notice almost human-like characteristics in the dogs – their heads raised high, their eyes in direct contact, the darker male (I presume) standing protective by the lighter female (also just presuming).. It says a lot and you almost forget that these are just dogs, or are they?


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