Street Photography in Rome, Italy

Who would have believed that the land of the Mona Lisa was not really street photo-friendly? One may not take a picture of a person without their consent.

Yet experience proved otherwise. Rome is visited by a very large number of tourists every year. Locals got used to their affluence. And what’s a tourist without a camera?

So basically, when walking on the streets, a lot of cameras can be easily noticed.  Shutters go off and people do not bother anymore. But still, to remain on the safe side, if a person doesn’t seem happy to be photographed, it is always better to just delete it and move on . Should the pictures be used for a commercial purpose, a model release form will need to be signed by the person appearing on the photograph in question.

Shooting from the hip or from a distance is always a good idea when it feels awkward to point the camera in someone’s face. Rome is full of photo opportunities. Architecture is stunning, streets are animated with markets and artists. There is always something going on. It’s actually an open-air museum worth visiting!


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