Street Photo Of the Week #10

Beirut is a constant work-in-progress with skyrises growing out of rubble. Construction, as a result, is the unavoidable catalyst that’s always surrounding us – whether we like it or not. Perhaps many of us have adapted to hearing the humdrum of construction around us (and others who can never get used to it). Can you remember a time when there was no sound of drilling, boarded up construction sites and the foreign workers that work on the sites wandering in their paint masked clothes? Probably not. It does, however, say a lot about the face of our city and has come to define our surroundings. It’s very much a part of our vernacular and city life (again, whether we like it or not).

By Karim Mostafa

Although many would observe the site with their imagination or perhaps dream of owning an apartment in that building, how many of us look at the nitty-gritty behind it – the dirt, the rubble and the men laborously drilling, digging and bending rods to get that building up?
“Walking around in Sodeco I spotted these two guys working on removing old rocks and concrete using this big air-driven machine.. I could see the eyes of worker with the scarf start to shine and he was smiling.. [Although] it’s looks like he’s drilling but whey are actually not drilling. I’m not going to say anything about the safety.. I think you already know about it.” Karim commented on his photo. Where are the safety standards?

That’s exactly why this photograph by Karim stood out. It sheds light to another side of this theme and combined with the intensity of the man’s gaze, it leaves a powerful impression.


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