Street Photo Of the Week #11

Heels say a lot about the woman wearing them: how she’s feeling that day, where she might be going and based on how high they are, how bold she is. Not all women like to wear heels, nor would choose to wear them unless needed (for a special occasions or meetings, for example). For other women, wearing heels is a way of life and part of their daily wardrobe. As they say, you can judge a person by the shoes they wear – and heels are no exception.

This week’s featured photograph does a bit of both. It gives us a peek into what this woman is like (from the style, height and colors of the shoe itself) but a lot of the talking comes from more than that:

"Crossed before Crossing" by Thomas Leuthard

Thomas‘ photograph has the true essence of street photography (and no doubt we’re already big fans of his work). Knowing the right moment to capture, at the right angle and depth of field, this photograph says more than the obvious, based on how you look at it.

This woman is standing at a crossroad, with her legs crossed, as the title says. Her body language is saying a lot although all we see are her legs. That’s all we need to start painting a photograph about her. Is she perhaps about to take a big step in her life, but hesitating? What’s holding her back or is she trying to hold back from something? What kind of thoughts do you think are going through her head in this brief moment? Will she cross, will she not? Or is she just anxious to get somewhere but waiting for the cars to pass? Could be as simple as that!

What do you think this photograph is saying about the woman?

Perhaps Thomas’ description can give us more insight: “When you know that your theme is “Shoes” then your eyes will focus on shoes.” Thomas describes about this photograph. “It was a day when I was in New York walking on the streets. I saw this pair of heels and knew, this is it. She was standing at the crossing, I went close, put the camera on the floor and in that moment she crossed her legs, like women do often. I took 5 shots of this scene until the light turned green and the woman walked away. I made a square as it would have been too centered, if not. That is the simple story of this photo. You can make an interesting photo of a simple thing by just choosing the right perspective. Choose an angle we don’t see every day and people will like it.”


SIDE NOTE: This week’s SPOW is our first international entry and we’d like to encourage anyone, even if you’re not living in Lebanon, to take part in the weekly themes we post on our Facebook page.


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