Street Photo Of the Week #12

Have you ever noticed how shopkeepers tend to have a style that reflects their shops or the items they’re selling? Whether consciously considered or not, this is their way of marketing their businesses. You expect the baker to have some dough stains on his apron, the artisan salesmen to wear more traditional clothing and the hardware shop to be run by a rough-around-the-edges personality.

Take a glimpse at this week’s featured photograph and tell me if you don’t think this guy knows a thing or two about books. I’m also guessing if you show enough interest, he’ll start a lengthy chat with you about the classics or how he found the books he’s selling.

By Tina M. Jabry

This photograph, interestingly enough, tells a story about the story-seller in our times. Are people reading enough books these days? How long has he been holding onto these books? All attention seems elsewhere in this moment at the souk – even his own attention is taken.

Photographs like this truly engage the observer as they leave plenty of room for interpretation beyond the obvious. Tina’s also done a great job of setting a particular mood to reflect the subject and his surroundings. Next time you enter a shop, take careful notice of the shopkeeper him/herself and you may also find an interesting story worth telling.


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