Street Photo Of the Week #13

Last weekend, the Beirut Street Photographers explored the coastal towns of Batroun and Anfeh for our June photo-trip. Check out the group album of street shots from that trip here. One photograph stood in sharp contrast of the rest, marked with mystery and intensity:

"A Cinderella Story" by Patrick Abi Salloum

This is one of those photographs that can come without a single caption and it would still strike a chord in anyone that sees it. No words needed. It’s that powerful.

What is this child thinking? What did he see in that moment? Did his mom just scold him and is his expression more that of shame? So much can be read into this photograph. Adding to the intensity of expression, the woman in the background adds another element to the story – adequately called “A Cinderalla Story”.

How do you interpret this photograph? Share below.


4 responses to “Street Photo Of the Week #13

  1. i don’t think the mom’s scolding! but it’s a very nice shot anyway 🙂
    and the kid’s probably scared because of all the shooters in town 😉
    cheers patrickas!! you kick ass!

  2. Thanks everyone, I am humbled by all the positive feedback, in fact it was just a lucky shot!

    It was a blast meeting and shooting with you guys.

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