Street Photography in Istanbul: Imad D.’s Lens

“I spent 4 days in Istanbul with the Beirut Street Photographers, from the 21-24 July 2011. It wasn’t a travel to a new city. I wasn’t discovering a new place, not at all. I was moving permanently on extreme poles and in all directions on a multi-dimensional SPACE.. I was impressed by the oriental charm fitting in total harmony the western trend – mixing – melting and creating a multi-colored scene that is connecting the past to the future, the east to the west.. Istanbul, where a Cathedral is a Mosque and this Mosque is a Cathedral. I could see the Youth looking to the Future – strong and ambitious, the Old serving us with passion and love, and a Family model where the kid respects his grandpa and the father worries about the child’s discipline..” – Imad Daou

"Bridging Cultures, Bridging Continents" by Imad Daou (Panoramic View from Galata Tower)

"Oriental Magic" by Imad Daou

"The Dreaming Beauty" by Imad Daou

"Taksim: A thousand and one trams" by Imad Daou

"Sparkling Love" by Imad Daou

“All of us had our space within the People and in the City. Istanbul has everything for us. Istanbul gives a frame that respects every peaceful person on earth and his way of life. Istanbul gives great times and wonderful opportunities. This trip was an unforgettable experience with Beirut Street Photographers. BSP knows perfectly what a photographer needs with perfect plans pampering to our lens and our eye in a friendly environment. Thanks BSP!” – Imad Daou


2 responses to “Street Photography in Istanbul: Imad D.’s Lens

  1. Very nice Shots Imad! I’m sure you have even better ones!! We really did have fun in Istanbul, and got to know each other more, and had some nice conversations! 🙂

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