Street Photography in Istanbul: Imad H.’s Lens

"Fruity Morning" by Imad Haddad

“Welcome to Istanbul! From July 21-24 2011, the BSP embarked on their first trip abroad to Istanbul. My goal was to shoot as much as possible while discovering a new city, learning more about street photography and spending time with friends. And I guess I achieved my goal with some 3000 shots taken at a daily average of 750 shots – not bad I guess!” – Imad Haddad

"Have some money?" by Imad Haddad

“The streets of Istanbul are full of character and life. The people are cool – although we had a hard time speaking to the locals.”

"Here and away" by Imad Haddad

“The BSP group was great. We were not always all together as we separated so that everyone got a chance to do what he wanted. I spent most of my time on the streets with Thomas Leuthard. And as we shot together, I learned a lot from him as he is a great street photographer. I take this opportunity to thank him for his generosity, guidance and help. We only stopped to eat or to drink. By the way Turkish Apple tea is awesome! The night shooting experience with the wireless flash was great.”

"Name this picture" by Imad Haddad

“BSP’s first international trip was a wonderful experience. Hopefully, we will be organizing more international trips soon. 3 nights, 4 days in Istanbul was too short, so we are coming back for more.. Istanbul we are coming back!”

"Pick one" by Imad Haddad


5 responses to “Street Photography in Istanbul: Imad H.’s Lens

  1. Your portrait shots just keep getting more and more powerful Imad… loving your shots from the trip, but I want to see the rest (I know there are more than just these 😉 )

  2. Imad you were really the most serious photographer with us, and it was great to be there with you and Thomas… Street shooting @ 7 am! Was a great experience being with you in Istanbul!

    Do they have Sea Sweet btw? :p

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