Street Photo of the Week #17

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than the streets around you. Fashion designers do it all the time and it’s oftentimes the person least intending to start a new fashion trend that ends up being the very spark of it. Fashion street photography has as a result blossomed as a popular trend around the world to observe how fashion from the streets can inspire fashion on the catwalks (and vice versa).

Just take a look at the work of such talents as the infamous The Satorialist who takes photographs of people leading their everyday lives to reveal their personal style, personalities and so much more. His street photography style is fashion and the people that catch his eyes. I personally also enjoy when he gives us little snippets about the people he photographs too for added insight into why he chose to take their photograph.

Fashion street photography is style new in Beirut although in terms of inspiration on the streets, we certainly don’t have a shortage in our fashion-obsessed culture.

This week’s photograph may (perhaps?) serve as some fashion inspiration (if adapted carefully I guess), but the real reason we chose it to represent this week’s “fashion in the streets” is because of how unique both the characters’ clothes were and the overall composition that puts us in the setting of where they are going. Somehow it works very well as a photograph in and of itself and entertains the eyes of the viewer looking it at (and it makes me want to go to that festival/carnival/circus they’re going to):

By Fadi BouKaram

According to Fadi himself, “Street photo opportunities come in the unlikeliest of places. Last year I was on a hiking trip in Girdwood, Alaska, hoping for some landscape shots at best but as timing had it, it was “Forest Fair” – a music festival in the middle of the woods and a hippie magnet. No one was wearing what you’d call “traditional” clothes. I was the odd man out with my army pants and white t-shirt. All is relative..”

What do you think of this photograph? Can you draw inspiration from their clothing style? Share your thoughts below..


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