Street Photography in Istanbul: Samar’s Lens

"Something Fishy" by Samar Hawa

“”The city where East meets West”, “the city of contrasts”, “the city of ancient and modern”.. All these phrases have been used to describe Istanbul. In fact, Istanbul was the perfect destination for a group of photographers with contrasting objectives. Istanbul is a land where you can find it all, whatever you are looking for – from oriental to European, from the buzzing city life to a relaxing break by the Bosphorous, from glamour to simplicity, from culture to shopping.. “ – Samar Hawa

"The Hand Stand" by Samar Hawa

"Almost Human" by Samar Hawa

"Freshly Squeezed" by Samar Hawa

“Being my second trip to Istanbul, I saw it in a different light this time – not only shooting with my camera but also taking in images and recording them on my own memory chip. The photos I am sharing with you were taken in various places around the city and reflect the diversity which characterizes Istanbul. “The hand stand” was shot in a neighbourhood where older men were playing “tawleh”. “Almost human” was taken in an area where all the clothes wholesalers are – the streets there were packed with mannequins (or dummies) in all shapes, sizes and genders. “Something fishy” was taken in the fish market on the Asian side. “The lunch break” was shot around noon in one of the areas that is dubbed “the bohemian quarter” in the guide books. “Freshly squeezed” was taken on one of the islands in the sea of Marmara.” 

"The Lunch Break" by Samar Hawa

“.. and what better way to end the trip than by indulging in a traditional Turkish hammam. I know I will be back to Istanbul again and again – I guess I caught the Istanbul bug! “Tashakur” to the BSP group, especially the trip organizers, for a memorable journey into photography and much much more!”


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