Street Photo of the Week #18

“Expressions”: this week’s theme gathered a lot of enthusiasts!

As humans we are capable of the weirdest facial expressions. When we think about, feel something or talk about a certain subject, we usually use with a facial expression. Some consider it as a sign of empathy, others as proof that the person is really listening during a conversation. When interpreting a message a lot rely on the expressions rather than just the words. Sometimes, a person doesn’t need to talk to tell you what’s going on or how they are feeling… it’s on their face! “It’s written on your forehead”, we say.

Faces pass, happy faces, sad faces, sorry faces, angry faces, perplexed faces, all expressions! We see them all the time, every day. How many times did you pass by someone thinking: “I remember that face.” because of an expression printed in your memory.

Some expressions are even contagious! Smile or pull you tongue to a stranger, chances are he will smile or pull his tongue back at you.

Street photography wise, expressions could be either passively or actively caught. A passive catch would waiting for the expression to happen and then photograph it whereas an active catch would be raising the camera in the face of the person and immediately photograph the candid reaction. Both end up having their own stories.

Of course, it takes some courage and determination to go after an active candid facial expression but the reward is priceless: Fantastic picture with big impact.

It was very hard to pick this week’s street photo as there were a lot of good pictures to chose from.

by Imad Haddad

Congratulations to Imad Haddad for the photo of the man with the sneer! A powerful image with a nice composition and a story. This photograph makes the viewer wonder what this man was thinking when he saw Imad’s lens upfront. “Geez, another photographer…”, “Taking a photo of me, seriously?”, “I’m no model, what’s so interesting about me?”, “Take your picture and move on”etc..

What do you think?


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