Street Photograph of the Week #19

We’re objects in constant motion and one of the delights in street photography in particular is being able to freeze a moving moment or scene in front of us so it’s almost as if we’re pushing an invisible “pause” button. But not all photographs need to be paused in the same way (or even perfectly). Being able to capture motion in photographs effectively can add another dimension to the composition – elongating, blurring or even leading way to nice motion-blur effects to accentuate the composition.

For this week’s theme of “motion”, we wanted to see how many people would be able to “pause” a moment with effective use of motion to add that other dimension. This photograph by Karim Bou Karim did that.. and more:

By Karim Boukarim

I particularly liked that Karim was able to draw parallels between the moving car and the still man on his wheelchair – and what each signified in this particular moment. With his head bowed down, the man in the wheelchair evokes a certain wishfulness for motion elicited by the speeding car in front of him. For all we know, the car need not be driving that fast in front of him but the very fact that he’s so still creates that contrast.

What do you think of this shot and do you have any added insight about how it can be interpreted? Do share!


2 responses to “Street Photograph of the Week #19

  1. When I first saw that photo, the still man on the wheelchair evokes a strong sense of despair, which unfortunately, all unprivileged people live in. The fast car shows that the driver is careless of the wealth he/she lives in, and just drives by and totally ignores that person. Strong, moody, photograph. Well done Karim.

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