“Kid Cam” Street Photography

All the photographs below were taken by different children of all ages that we met during our BSP trips to Zahle and Tripoli as an experiment to see how they would approach street photography. As a group, we’re always being surrounded by little children curious about what we’re doing when we explore their cities with our cameras. By far, the most active little photographers were in Tripoli where more than 15 little hands grabbed at the disposable camera for multiple turns at taking photographs.

I absolutely could not wait to develop the roll of film and see the results of their somewhat haphazard clicking – who knows? Maybe we’ve found a few little street photographers in-the-making who will pursue this art form when their old enough. Considering there were 27 photos on the film of the disposable camera and 15 were interesting shots that were well-exposed says a lot about the innate ability of children to take photographs.

None of the photographs were retouched or edited. Forget “bird’s eye view”, “wide angle view”, “rat’s eye view” or even “fish eye view” – this is “children’s eye view” and it is as honest as it gets. Tell us: which photographs from the gallery above is your favorite?


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