Street Photo of the Week #20

The backdrops of our street photographs are just as unique as our colorful city. Beirut is full of old buildings lending it a certain charm reminiscent of our rich history. Unfortunately with so many of these building being knocked down to make room for sky-rises and commercial centers, our photographs become a capsule of what was but can also inspire change.

We chose the theme “Old Buildings” a few weeks ago to shed light to what’s going on in our city and to invite photographers to focus their lenses on a big part of our history that we’re slowly losing. Follow and support Save Beirut Heritage who are actively working on saving old buildings from destruction.

There were some great shots posted on this theme and it came down to three we thought captured the mood the most. Our favorite was the following by Lara:

"Do not abandon me... As worn out as I am, I can shine even more" by Lara Khatchikian

The perspective, the details of the outside through the opening and the color contrasts sets a clear mood of nostalgia – but also a feeling of hope. What did you like most about this photograph?

Next time you’re out shooting and you find a beautiful old building, pull out your camera and take a few shots. Whether you know it or not, as a street photographer your images are a way of preserving our history. You may look at your photographs in a few years and appreciate it even more.


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