Street Photo of the Week #21

When this week’s theme “Bikes or Motorcycles” was selected, it seemed like an easy enough subject to tackle in our city. “Motos”, or mopeds as we call them here, are everywhere and I’m sure their drivers would have enjoyed the added attention of being photographed. They may even pop a little trick if they’re feeling up to it. Most of the time the mopeds are a nuisance to drivers. They appear when you’re just about to make a sharp turn – and oftentimes driving in the opposite directions. They’re reckless daredevils in that sense but I hope there’s a moped guardian angel looking over them each time they hit the road.. for their own safety.

But photographing bikes is another thing. In and of themselves, they are interesting forms. You can play on the shadows, focus in on certain parts of the bike to show a new perspective or perhaps have them be the main focus of the shot. True, not many people ride bicycles in Beirut but you’ll almost always find one parked somewhere along the sidewalk. Then it’s up to you to get creative.

We chose this week’s featured photograph by Nadim because he managed to creatively capture a shot so well we forget that he’s even photographing bikes. Your eye is drawn to the shapes and amalgam of shadows inter-playing on the sidewalk:

By Nadim Bou Habib (Taken in Florence, Italy)

The way the lines guide the eye through the composition makes it a rich shot. For me personally, the photo also looks very musical – like the keys of the keyboard escalating to a higher pitch. How about you readers – What do you think of this week’s SPOW?

We always want to hear your feedback and opinions 🙂


3 responses to “Street Photo of the Week #21

  1. Mopeds are an even BIGGER nuisance to pedestrians! I almost get hit by one daily because it’s driving the wrong way or on the sidewalk!

    Oh, and I do love this photo.

  2. oh, and you are too kind. I don’t hope there is a moped guardian angel but I DO hope that some of these crazy drivers eventually learn their lesson and start driving in a considerate manner. I know, one can only hope.

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