Street Photo of the Week #22

Better late than never they say.. and that was especially true when it came to choosing this week’s SPOW. We’d almost given up. There were some great shots of the traditional coffee cup but they lacked that certain “street” element.

Then Rita’s unexpected photo made an appearance:

By Rita Kamel (Suggest a title!)

What’s interesting about this shot is a combination of subtle details (the coffee cup nesting on top of the kettle, the hand-made wooden table arched to the side, the cigarette pack with ashtray, the converse sneakers..) and his body language that can tell different stories, based on how you read it. Is he daydreaming? Did a pretty woman just walk past? How do you interpret this photo? Do share!

Help Rita find a name for her photo too by posting your ideas here 🙂


4 responses to “Street Photo of the Week #22

  1. I love this!!
    He looks like a character from a short story I wrote.
    I think this guy is gossiping with himself. Maybe he’s silently cursing a neighbour.
    I’m going to suggest ‘The SIlent Curse.’
    I love your photos Rita

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