Street Photo of the Week #23

For some, advertisements are a message; for others, are a visual disturbance. Some actually read them, while others just try to ignore them. They are also subject to criticism or praise depending on how creative the are. Ads are everywhere!

For street photographers, they are gifts; a chance to use juxtaposition for a better effect. This is illustrated with this week’s SPOW theme “Ads” winner: Fadi BouKaram’s photograph.

"Fall, starting $19.99" by Fadi BouKaram

Waiting for the perfect moment is always rewarding! Had Fadi taken the same picture without that ad in the back, it would have been totally different. The presence of the ad actually made this picture pretty interesting. It looks like the man is expecting something to “fall”.. it the $19.99 or something else? What do you think?

Next time you go out with you camera keep an eye on the ads!

Well spotted Fadi!


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