Street Photo of the Week #24

As street photographers, when we focus on people, we will one day or another come across something weird that has to do with hair. For this week’s SPOW theme “Hair” we had some hilarious entries.  One of them was remarkable as it is a simple photograph yet full of sophistication.

by Nareg D.B.

One focused on what appears to be finding the end of an earphone and the other reading, these women had no idea they were ideal subjects for a winning street photograph. They both have done their hair in a fashion to avoid the blowing air. They are both wearing big shades as well. Actually they almost look like twins! But the hairdo is the most striking. From the apparent focus of each person and how engaged they are in different activities, I wonder if they had any idea what they both looked like together from a distance… From the exact distance where Nareg pressed the shutter!

Well done Nareg for spotting and capturing this nice image!


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