BSP through a “Pink” Lens

For the entire month of October, BSP turned pink in support of breast cancer awareness around the world. And with that, flushes of pink in street photos came in by photographers within our community to show support for the cause:

Some of the shots posted for the "Pink" theme by the BSP Community during October 2011

Our favorite pink-themed photo for the month was the following by one of our international friends, Fokko Muller:

You can’t help but smile when you look at this photograph and it sends a positive message pertaining to the cause. Let’s all join in thinking pink not only during the month of October, but throughout the year. And remember, early detection saves lives!

Well-done Fokko for this great capture!


One response to “BSP through a “Pink” Lens

  1. Thank you very much for picking my ‘pink smile’ as favorite. I am very honored. Good that you paid attention to the breast cancer theme. I loved all the other photos too!

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