Street Photo of the Week #25

This year, a team of more than 15 camera-clad street photographers from BSP and Night Collective united for one goal: capturing Halloween on the streets of Gemmayze. As we hit the streets, not really knowing how the night would unfold, one thing was certain – people love dressing up. Some costumes were funny, others ridiculous and a few truly chilling. Did you happen to see the wolf peering in Leila’s Cafe that night?

It was an eventful night to say the least and accentuated by the background of the street, the costumes came to life with an added “spooky” factor wherever shadows came into play. At the Mar Nkoula stairs (otherwise known as “Daraj el Fen” as during the exhibition seasons), it was a whole other vibe as musicians dressed as hippies got the crowds dancing to 80s nostalgia.

Coverage of the night’s photography will be posted soon on Lebanese Photography Magazine, but in the meantime, we’d like to share our favorite pick for this week’s “Halloween” theme:

By Imad Haddad

The beauty in this shot is in both the subtlety and contrast through juxtaposition. On the one hand, the blonde woman looks approachable, but be warned, there’s something also dark lurking in this frame. I don’t know about you but that scary clown in the back really spooked me out in a way no other costume that night had. Really puts a twist on the whole “Beauty and the Beast” metaphor, doesn’t it?

Great catch Imad and mabrouk!

PS: Thanks to everyone who helped organize this fun group photography outing, including Soha, Tarek and Karim. Special thanks to LP Magazine too for covering it!


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