Street Photo of the Week #26

Ever since people have had something to carry around with them, bags have been an essential part of daily life. Whether it was a valuable or something they simply could not hold in their hands alone (ah, the limitation of only having two hands), bags solved a crucial problem for humanity.

Just thinking of the numerous types of bags out there reaffirms how much “baggage” so-to-speak our lives are filled with: handbags, plastic bags, shopping bags, tea bags, gift bags, ziplock bags, water bags, litter bags, travel bags and the list goes on. And then come the different styles, textures, shapes and uses of bags which lend to even more options (and not just for the women). Take a second to think of just how many bags you’ve used just today alone..

For this week’s theme, we wanted to bring focus to bags in all their shapes and forms, especially how people themselves interacted with them. It’s rare to not spot at least one person walking on the street carrying some sort of bag. What’s oftentimes the most interesting thing is not just the bag itself but how the person carries it that gives clues about what may be in the bag (and don’t tell me you’re not sometimes curious).

With many interesting compositions shared on BSP’s wall for the theme, this week’s featured photo was captured in Amman, Jordan by Ahmad Sheqairat:

By Ahmad Sheqairat

Congrats to Ahmad for this thought-evoking capture. I especially loved how he’s carrying his prayer bead with the bag in one hand, rather than putting it in his pocket for example. What did you think of this photo? Share your insight!


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