Reasons to (and not to) Date a Street Photographer

Inspired by the spot-on post 50 Reasons not to Date a Photographer, we thought, how would that apply to dating a street photographer? List your own reasons below to be added here too and let’s see if the pros outweigh the cons (or vice versa):

Reasons to Date a Street Photographer

1. They’re always carrying their cameras.

2. They know little roads you’d never think to go through.

3. They find the most mundane things interesting, even garbage.

4. Old people love them and kids always follow them.

5. You might end up lost with them, but it always turns into an adventure.

6. They come with cool gadgets.

7. You’ll always know where they’ve been, who they met and what they’ve been doing, without even having to ask – Bess Besbes

8. You can never even possibly get bored when you travel – Significant Others of Photographers

9. You will constantly be amazed by the way they see the world and portray it in their photography – Significant Others of Photographers

10. A street photographer is CCA = Cute, Creative and a great Artist – Sarah Haddad

Reasons Not to Date a Street Photographer

1. You instantly become their bodyguard and need to make sure they don’t get run over trying to take a shot.

2. Their equipment is heavy.

3. They’d rather break an arm than damage their cameras.

4. The cops are always suspicious of them.

5. They move quick. One second, they’re by your side. Another second, they’re gone!

6. They won’t talk to you much when you’re out – Bess Besbes

7. You’ll feel like an alien if surrounded by a bunch of them. (and pretty much be ignored)


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