Street Photo of the Week #27

The “Food/Eating” theme was not an easy one. Well, not because of the theme itself or lack of food-related photos posted, but rather that each time a photo was posted, my tummy would grumble “feed me!”.

Food and eating is very much a part of our culture. We spend hours at Lebanese restaurants, stuffing our faces with tasty mezza, one after the other. Then we take a break only to eat some more. I’m not complaining in the least bit, but it goes to show how much of our lives are consumed by going out to eat, munching along the way and plans for future eating. It’s a delight as much as it a necessity for us as humans.

Unfortunately not too many of the photos posted were of the street photography genre so the pickings were slim. You can really get very creative with such a theme as we’re constantly surrounded on the street with people having sandwiches (shawarma, yum!), dropping off food (think of all those delivery guys zig-zagging on the roads) and simply people sitting on roadside cafes enjoying a bite. The expressions, ways of eating and types of food one can capture on the street are countless really.

This week’s featured photograph is by Soha. We simply loved the child’s engrossed expression. That cotton candy, though pesky on the fingers, will not have the best of him. Quite the moment to capture!

By Soha Menassa

Although shooting children is somewhat easy – they always look cute and call for a reaction, but this is one of those times it’s not about “how cute is this child!” more than “look at his expression!”. Something unexpected to the traditional street themes is always welcome.

Share your thoughts on the photo above – do you like it? If you don’t, share your opinion of why too (constructive criticism only please).


2 responses to “Street Photo of the Week #27

  1. Beautiful capture Soha, nice subject and facial expressions. B&W conversion works well. However, I have one constructive critique – you could have cropped it to remove the top left angle, as it is very distracting and take the eye away from the main subject. have a great photography.

  2. Good capture Soha, great facial expressions, the B&W tones are well done. However, the top left is a little distracting, you could crop it so only the stairs are showing. Otherwise it is great photo. Hope you accept my critique without any hard feelings. Cheers.

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