Street Photo of the Week #28

For most of the photographers out there rain is scary. It gets people wet, ruins cameras and equipment. A lot of things change with rain… People walk faster or run for cover, car slow down, streets flood… sometimes it gets borderline chaotic.

But as photographers, you have the power to freeze action and time as well. You start seeing things from a graphic/colors perspective, you slow down, choose your angle and take the shot.

Street photography under the rain is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s very hard to hold a camera and an umbrella at the same time. But some create their ways out because taking pictures on rainy days can yield to interesting results.

By Farah Alhashim

Farah’s photograph is a great example. It’s raining; streets are empty. The interesting thing going on here is the rain itself. The low angle gives whole new perspective to the subject showing reflection. The image becomes graphic and communicates a mood. Well done!

So next time it rains, try to think about all the potential photo opportunities, grab your camera and get creative!


3 responses to “Street Photo of the Week #28

  1. i love doing street photography in the rain. There are lots of interesting things people do, and the moody atmosphere in itself is quite interesting. I have learned to let go of the umbrella and instead put the camera in one of the sleeves of a waterproof jacket.

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