Street Photo of the Week #29

When you have a theme in mind while taking street photography, your whole perspective changes. You suddenly start seeing things in a different way and the mundane translates into more, lending way to plenty of experimentation and more importantly how you train your eyes. Think of it as a “Where’s Waldo” of forms and meaning.

For the past two weeks, the theme of the week was “Alphabet in the City” (not an easy one) and how once can see letterforms of either the Arabic or English alphabet within the city’s shapes. How can you spot these letterforms in an interesting way while not having it be too forced as an idea?

Our favorite photo for that theme was by Nadim Kamel. Can you spot a letter, or perhaps letters, in this capture?

By Nadim Kamel

What was most interesting about this shot, besides the well-captured cityscape, was that it offers plenty of possibilities for the theme itself that depend on how the viewer looks for the letters – whether this was intentional or not. For example, I can spot at least 4 english letters – a “b”, an “h”, an “i” and a “w” but also a few Arabic forms. What do you think of this shot and which letters do you see?


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