Street Photo of the Week #30

Whether it’s in a cozy cafe over a hot brew, on a park bench or while on the commute – someone somewhere is always reading something. We underestimate how much reading is going on all around us and even with today’s technology (that threatens to turn popular print mediums extinct), reading is alive and well on our streets. And for this week’s theme, street photographers from across the community jumped at the chance to capture it.

It’s as candid as can be. When you’re reading, you’re so fully engrossed in what it is that’s guiding your eyes that you forget the world around you. You’re in that world of what it is your reading – even if that world is created by the news itself.

A common character of Hamra Street (as was pointed out by Imad), this capture by Samira El Ghoul of a woman sitting on a not-so-comfortable seat yet obviously not minding it or her busy environment was a clear winner for this week’s SPOW:

"News on the Go" by Samira El Ghoul

Makes you wonder what headline article caught all her attention (and emotion) in that very moment, doesn’t it? Share your thoughts about this photo below!


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