Street Photo of the Week #31

Now although apes are biologically the closest living creature (genetically) to humans, nothing can beat the (sometimes chilly) humanistic realism of mannequins. True they’re lifeless sculptures used for displaying the latest trends or clothing items in stores, but we can’t help but see ourselves in them. Whether it’s the way they stand, look or how they’re used, we relate to them on some level.

This week’s theme of “Mannequins” yielded, like last week, some very interesting photographs from the community. While some captured the mannequins trapped behind the window display, yearning to be set free, others played on this theme combining a human element. The best shots played on the juxtaposition of mannequin and man (or woman) reflecting a humorous irony.

We chose the following shot by Emilie Houwat to be featured because in that very moment in time, the mannequins in her shot played on our innate emotions. We no longer see them as lifeless things, but take it one step further yearning for our attention. They appear proud and defiant among the obvious strife they’ve been through. And very stylishly so, might we add.

By Emilie Houwat

Mannequins seem to live a life of their own and don’t be fooled by their empty glances. They have their own stories to tell as the silent observers of both time and the city around them.

Share your own thoughts about this shot below. What story do these mannequins tell you?


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