ZOOM IN: Copyright (or Wrong?) Panel Discussion

The Beirut Street Photographers (BSP) introduce the first of many upcoming series of panel discussions revolving around topics of interest to you, the photographer. We’ll continue to have these discussion panels in 2012, getting micro on topics of macro importance to the BSP community.

Our first “Zoom-In” panel, entitled “Copyright (or wrong?)” will be about copyrighting with regards to photography: What’s the right way to do it? What’s the wrong way? What are other photographers and professionals in the field doing to preserve those rights? Is watermarking the best safe-guard? These questions, among others revolving around the topic, will be posed at the panel with carefully selected speakers of various backgrounds. The panel is for you, so there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and open discourse with the other attendees.

The panel will involve speakers with the following backgrounds:

– Creative Commons Representative
– Professional Photographer(s)
– Lawyer/Legal Representative
– Art Curator
– Book Publisher

Interested in being a speaker on the panel or recommending a speaker? Please contact us at info@beirutstreetphotographers.org before January 15, 2011.

Full speaker, panel, venue and date information to be confirmed shortly. Save-the-date for now 😉

More information will be posted on the Facebook event page here.


2 responses to “ZOOM IN: Copyright (or Wrong?) Panel Discussion

  1. Amazing! This may as well be one of the most beneficial event I’ve seen yet for photographers (and artists), especially in this region… it’s a good thing that you’re considering the importance of your (the BSP community) photography as your intellectual property, as photographers, and no longer just an element that’s being posted on social media platforms all over the internet.

    Loving the progress and direction you guys are heading in, keep it up. 😉

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