Street Photo of the Week #32

There is a parallel world in street photography: night street photography.

Taking photographs at night or in low-light conditions has its own set of challenges, of course, but also its own charm. At night, the game between light and shadows is crucial in defining the success of a picture. It may be harder at times and you may need to be extra careful to not shake the camera while taking the shot (to avoid motion blur), but the results can add interesting experimental effects that would not be achievable during the day.

This shot by Lindsay is beautiful in its simplicity and the light is just right.

By Lindsay Manzella

Do you think this exact shot would be just as interesting during the day? I don’t think so..

Should you be interested in exploring this area of night street photography further, check out Night Collective on Facebook. They’re an active photography group that organizes regular night photography outings.


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