Meet the Speakers for Copyright (or Wrong?)

With a few more days to BSP’s much-anticipated Zoom-In Panel Discussion “Copyright (or Wrong?)”, we thought we’d share a bit about the interesting team of speakers that will be forming the panel:

Dr. Pierre El Khoury holds an LLB from the Lebanese University in Beirut, a Diplôme des Etudes Approfondies from Montpellier University, France, an LLM from Montreal University, Canada and a PhD from Montpellier University. His practice covers all major IP matters. His areas of particular experience include advising on both trademark and copyright issues. He lectures at Canadian and Lebanese universities and has published extensively on IP matters in France and Canada.

Working at the intersection of media, technology, and activism since high school, David Munir Nabti worked at his first start-up in Silicon Valley in 1997. David’s been working in media since 2003, and a fan of and advocate for appropriate licensing, including open source and Creative Commons, for as long as he can remember. A few years ago, David also launched – a youth/citizen media outlet that works online, in print, and in person. David is currently CEO of AltCity, a media, tech, creative and social impact collaboration space and startup support space in Hamra, Beirut.

Naomi Sargeant is responsible for Time Out Beirut‘s commercial activities and operations. Since 2005, Naomi was instrumental in bringing the franchise license to Beirut and starting up the operations of the business in Lebanon. Prior to joining Time Out Beirut, Naomi held roles in marketing, project management and business development in both the USA and UK, specializing in start-up operations. With Time Out Beirut, alongside Nehme Abouzeid, the CEO have created and established a successful publishing business, On Time Publishing. Adding a new title in 2010, TaGged Student Magazine is a project for students that is produced by students under the guidance of their professional team conducted through workshops. In 2012 they have expanded their operation to now include On Time Printing solutions and On Time IT mobile applications.

Photography for Mido (Mohamad Seifeddine) started as a hobby at the early age of ten. Over the years it turned to be a lifetime passion. He also taught Photography courses for several years in the university then started giving photography workshops in Lebanon and the gulf countries. Mido’s work was published in many U.S magazines, websites and exhibitions around the world, and was several times rewarded…He always repeats a quote by Ansel Adams: “A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into” and always says that he tries to let people look into his work not at it. Website

Toni Yammine never ever had any interest in photography before the age of six. But then one silent and creepy night, aliens from the planet Omicron Persei 8 abducted him straight out the window of his native room of Beitchabeb. Several days later, when he was dropped back down to earth again without warning, he knew deep inside his head’s eye that this incident had utterly transformed his perception of light, forever.

Since then, he’s lived behind his lenses taking thousands of pictures a day and spending hours and hours selecting and dissecting the few lucky shots he’s got. And because the abduction left him with special and unique powers, he has dealt with and found unequivocal answers to many deep themes in his photography such as life, death, love, individuality, sex and of course, the great question of God. Website

After spending 8 years in advertising, Naema Zarif took a leap into social enterprises offering expertise on conceptualization, and producing both off-line and on-line integrated media initiatives, including print, web, audio, and film. She is an enthusiastic supporter of open culture and Creative Commons, speaking frequently on behalf of the Lebanese creative commons community, also contributing visual and social strategic consultancy to many advocacy projects around the MENA region. Website

The panel discussion will involve a few questions addressed to the speakers but a bit part of the discussion will be your input, your questions and your concerns as a photographer. 

For any questions or additional information, contact us at


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