Street Photo of the Week #33

Patterns come in all forms. Whether it’s the patterns that make up the design of our clothing to the more symmetric and practical patterns in the way our city is built, patterns are as much a part of the created world as the natural one. Can you imagine a zebra without its black and white patterns? Or the leopard without its circular marks both decorating its body and acting as a form of camouflage when its out to prey?

Our lives are full of patterns. It creates a visual form of consistency and repetition from which we get some sort of order in our daily life. Taken in the more abstract sense, our lifestyle has its own patterns and routines. (But let’s stick to street photography for now before I venture off on another large topic in and of itself)

As with any theme, the second you start focussing on it, the more patterns you start spotting around you. Sometimes these patterns are subtle and take a bit of looking deeper to spot, whereas others can be completely in-your-face screaming for attention.

We had a few favorites this week, making the choice for the SPOW a bit tricky, but we wanted to feature this one in particular because combined with a sharp eye for the details, a big part of getting the shot was simply being in the right place at the right time:

By Fadi BouKaram

This is also a good example of when black and white can be a major advantage. Had the same shot been in color, our eyes would probably stray elsewhere into the other details of the shot. The stripes might be a distraction instead of the focus. Had the stripes on his sweatshirt and bag been of different colors too, would it have worked as well? Some food for thought. It also works really well that we couldn’t see the guy’s face, adding some intrigue to the shot yet keeping us focussed on what the photographer wanted us to focus on.

Fadi saw the shot play out in front of him (as we gathered from comments on the photo) and made it happen by following the guy until he could capture it. It always helps to keep the weekly theme in mind because it will drive you to look for such shots that add richness to your street photography style.


Curious to see more shots that were shared for the Patterns theme? Click here to view the full album.


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