Street Photo of the Week #35

With travel to any new city comes a sense of adventure we all crave and actively seek out. How many of you are counting down to your next vacation as you’re reading this? I know I am!

What’s perhaps the most exciting about travel is that we temporarily find ourselves in a new surrounding rich with new scents, sights, flavors and other novel delights. Travel ignites the curiosity in all of us and allows us to learn about the world around us in a more engaging way. Combining one’s love for travel with photography gives us a chance to relive those memories and share them with others once we’re back home.

But here’s where most people’s travel photography can border on boring and even cliche: What’s so exciting about yet another capture of the Eiffel Tower, or any other touristic site for that matter? And of course, there you are in the tiny corner of the shot to prove you were there and show off when you’re back home (we’ve all done it).

That’s fine for a personal souvenir but if you really want to capture your travel experience and build more of a travel photography portfolio, you’re going to need to get a bit closer to the people and turn towards the not-so-touristic sides of the city or country. The secret formula for that? You.

This cannot be better reflected than in this week’s photo submissions for the “Travel Street Photography” theme. Not one touristic shot was posted yet we got a perfect sense of the different countries through the colors, compositions and expressions. It suddenly became very personal what we were seeing and we temporarily traveled through each of the photos.

For this week’s featured photograph, we chose the following:

"Glimpse" by Nareg D.B.

We don’t need to explain further the impact this photograph has on its viewers. Perfectly captured with the reflection adding a bit of intrigue, it’s an iconic shot. How many of us have seen Istanbul this way? I’m positive the next time you visit the city you’ll be seeing the buses in a whole different way – and that is the essence of travel street photography.


Speaking of travel, we’re currently planning our second international BSP photo-trip for later this year. Keep posted for more information on our Facebook page!


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