Street Photo of the Week #36

Love is a small word that can mean so many different things. We’re reminded of it each year on February 14th, but in essence love can be celebrated every day without reason.

Love, ironically, is one of the hardest emotions to define because it’s all encompassing and takes on various forms. Do you love your family the same way you love your friends or your mate? It’s still love you might be feeling, but how we each perceive it and apply it makes love very personal. No one can teach you how to love or what to love – it comes from some secret place within and no two people can ever love the same yet somehow when it’s love, you know it.

The most beautiful thing about love is that it’s all around us (as cheesy as that might sound). This week we asked the BSP community to share their best photographs on the theme of love for us to understand a bit better what love means to all of you. Many shared shots of lovers in a more romantic setting, which was very fitting for the Valentine’s Day season, but we were happily surprised to see love take on a different forms as well through the bond of families, companions and even that of people to their pets. Check the full album for this theme to see what we’re talking about.

For this week, we chose to feature this candid capture for some obvious and not-so-obvious reasons:

"Love - what else?" by Elias Moubarak

Elias’ photograph is a classic case of being at the right place, at the right time – which is key to differentiating yourself as a street photographer. Yes, it’s a somewhat typical romantic love that might have been expected of the theme, but there’s more to be read into this photograph and the graffiti on the wall acts as a loud caption to the secret emotions being exchanged behind it.

Lovers in Lebanon often face this issue and cannot always display or express their emotions as publicly as perhaps elsewhere. That’s part of our society of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening and couples can be very crafty in finding their own little “love” niches. This photograph, as such, reflects more than love itself but love in our part of the world.


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