Street Photo of the Week #37

Besides the advantage of being able to fly (which I’m sure each of us has had the desire to do of a few times), birds get to see the world from a completely different vantage point than we do.

Naturally, we as humans, tend to be limited by what’s within reach and/or what’s going on around us through “human’s eye view”. Our focus tends to be on what’s right in front of us or what’s within our direct plane of vision. We can however still capture the feeling from a bird’s view point and see things from a larger scheme of things by simply changing our photographic approach.

Bird’s eye view can lend some impressive results – just see the submissions for this week’s theme to get a better idea. Suddenly, people become elements of a large canvas and we no longer focus on the minute details but on the overall composition.

In addition to unfolding an urban scene in bird’s eye view, we loved how Chris Mundo’s street photograph also told a distinct story through the contrasting play of shadows by its main characters:

By Chris Mundo

What did you think of this shot? This “bird” certainly had a good eye for noticing the photographic qualities of what was happening below it. Great job Chris!


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