Street Photo of the Week #38

Celebrity is, by definition “the state of being well-known” and Ali for those who live, work or pass by Bliss Street in Hamra is exactly that.

In this lively and busy street, clearly depicted by Simon Sakkab, it is hard not to notice this grey-bearded man who is there at almost all times. While everyone is swamped in their own world, Ali (or Allouch), with his hands in his pants and a sharp and determined look, seems to be walking towards a specific target. There’s something driving him forward but what that is, we may never know.

Such is the mystery that comes with this distinctive street character.

By Simon Chingon Sakkab

By Simon Chingon Sakkab

Congratulations to Simon Sakkab who, through this photograph, has captured a story of a man has become a celebrity: not by being a great singer or a movie star but by his simple, daily presence on Bliss street.


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