Street Photo of the Week #39

Rain makes people do the funniest things (for the observer at least) – especially when the rain is unexpected! How many people have you spotted recently running with nothing more than a magazine or newspaper to shelter them? Or how about those whose umbrellas suddenly let them down by flipping upside down or inside out?

For this week’s theme, we turned our lenses towards people and the rain for a chance to capture these often unexpected results. Check out the full album here. Our favorite from the entries was the following by Ruth:

"Wet weather gear" by Ruth Moucharafieh

What was most captivating about this candid shot was how symbolic it was of our streets in Lebanon. Moped drivers have mastered to the tee how to drive while doing so many other things – and protection from the rain is no exception! This photograph speaks for itself and represents how necessity is the mother of invention for these drivers. It might not be the most effective way to shield the rain, but hey, it’s working for Mr. Shumacher somehow!


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