Street Photo of the Week #40

This week’s theme, “Faceless Portraits”, attracted lots of interesting and beautiful submissions from the BSP community. Although many feel that traditional portraits are more interesting because faces give more of a personal story, faceless portraits are equally significant because of their aesthetics and the context can also suggest insightful stories.

By Yousef Mallah

Congratulations to Yousef Mallah for being this week’s selected SPOW. This faceless portrait is timeless. In troubled times, people stand in front of newspapers to read the different headlines and make their own opinions about certain events taking place around them. Yousef’s portrait is particularly interesting because of a tiny detail that changes everything: the thumb on the chin. Is he worried? Is he analyzing the news? Is he considering his options, forging an opinion?

The light and the vignette also adds to the mystery as well as to the many question marks.  There are so many things going on everyday and everywhere that it is hard for both the newspapers and people to keep up but at the end of the day the news concern everyone!

What’s in the news today?


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