Street Photo of the Week #41

“Caught in the air” is a theme that has attracted a lot of passion and many entries. Catching something in the air requires a great deal of attention, a good eye as well as a fast reflex. It is both technical and beautiful.

by Nadim Hajjar

Street artists put up entertaining shows to attract passers by. Street dance like breakdancing is quite spectacular and involves a lot of acrobatics. Congratulations to Nadim Hajjar for this striking photo. Adding the way the shirt and hair lifted to the blur on the hand and the feet as well as the posture communicate movement. Images like these invite us to imagine how the movement started and how it ended.

Also interesting are the faces of the spectators and the look on the face of the second person on stage. Spectators seem entertained with a look that wonders what is going to happen next while the second person on stage seems satisfied that all is going well. Now the question is: did the flying dancer land on the hat or did the second person retrieve it just on time? And more importantly, how did the dancer land? Somebody catch him before he falls!


2 responses to “Street Photo of the Week #41

  1. 😀
    Thank you for choosing my photo for the weekly theme. I am very happy, it’s my first SPOW and it’s really touching to get this credit from BSP, the people who taught me photography.

    As for this photo, I’ll let you imagine what was happening and how it ended but I can tell you that you really should have a great imagination to find out what was really happening 😉

    Thank you again.

    Nadim Hajjar a.k.a BigHajjar :p

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