Street Photo of the Week #43

Mobile Phones were essentially created so that people could use them in emergencies and make long distance calls. However due to recent rapid development in Mobile handsets, people have become addicted to using cell phones and do things with it that no one could have imagined.

Mobile Phones or Smartphones have become our main companion 24/7, especially that 95% of new devices have the ability to connect to the Internet, and that without mentioning the integrated cameras that one of them has recently reached the 41MP.


By Nadim Kamel

Congratulations to Nadim Kamel, who has captured the reality of what this device has done to humanity. People are using their mobile devices in every single corner. They are either talking on it or reading a text message, drafting an email, surfing the web, playing a game, listening to music, reading the news, checking the weather, etc.

Nowadays we have become dependent of this device in a way we can no longer live without it or at least our life would not be the same if we do not own one.

What would this device be like in 20 years from now…lets wait…or just Imagine.


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