Street Photo of the Week #44

What’s in a line? Well, lots and at the same time not much.

As a very basic visual element, lines can actually have a tremendous impact on your compositions and lead the eyes of the viewers through your photograph. Look closely enough and you’ll find a trace of lines (whether horizontal, vertical, diagonal, perpendicular, circular, alone, layered or in patterns) in your photographs somewhere. It takes practice to fully take advantage of them and avoid having them become a distraction, such as a line that points away from the subject matter you’re trying to bring to light.

This week’s theme had the community on the look-out for straight and curved lines around them. The results were interesting and you can check the full album here. The diversity of how the lines were spotted was the best part of this experiment.

For this week’s featured photograph, we chose the following by Georgie Jeryna Pauwels:

By Georgie Jeryna Pauwels

Architecture is a prime example of how lines can be used to add structure and design to a space. What was very striking about this photograph is that it held an element of timelessness through its careful framing yet lost the typical rigidity associated with architectural shots the second the two men entered the shot. As a very visually rich piece, you can tell the photographer was thinking in lines and shapes when they took the shot – and did so very well.

Share your thoughts on this photograph – and share it with others if you liked it as much as we did!


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