Street Photo of the Week #45

“Rat’s Eye View”, more technically (and properly) referred to as “Low Down Photography”, is a way of showing the world from the ground up. You’d be surprised how things look from down there!

Use this angle to your advantage and you can really tell a whole other story with your photographs. Instead of showing things the way most photographers show them, and actually how we might see them in front of us if you’re using a standard lens, changing your angle gives the shot a certain edge that’s unexpected by your viewers. For example, shoes (and/or feet) are one of the most common subjects captured from this angle and you might be thinking to yourself, “Really? That’s a lame subject.” but oh, the stories they can tell about the people wearing them.

This week’s theme didn’t draw as many entries as we’d hoped, but we had a few favorites. Our top choice was the following by Eli:

By Eli Abi Haydar

Now although this isn’t the kind of shot that can be classified as street photography, it really stood out. Eli managed to use “Rat’s Eye View” to his full advantage by not only showing us the wooden platform bridge but the beautiful mountains in the background. Had the camera been raised higher from the same position, we wouldn’t have appreciated the details as much.

You can feel the beach and summer in this shot. The vivid colors make this a great postcard photograph to sent with a “wish you were here!” on its back. And we do wish we were there..


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