Street Photo of the Week #46

For this week’s “Humor” theme, we enjoyed the funny candid captures by the BSP community. The most successful ones shared a common approach: creative overlaps of elements to yield very unexpected and amusing results. Accidental, I think not!

The photographer’s sense of humor is very evident in the photographs. You can learn a lot about a person through their sense of humor and for photographers, it is strongly reflected in their photographs whether they chose to go for in-your-face funny, ironic or more subtle with a catchy title.

Although we each have our own sense of humor, some of the shots were clear crowd favorites. It was a tough choice! You can view the full album here for this week’s theme.

We chose the following shot by Rima Hage because beyond the obvious humor and irony in this shot, her timing was spot-on. You certainly don’t see a shot like this every day!

By Rima Hage

Even though technically, there is room for improvement, this shot works for the theme and delivers what it’s intended to: a laugh (or a chuckle at the very least). Good catch Rima!

* Check out some great examples of humor in street photography on Eric Kim’s blog here *


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