Street Photo of the Week #47

Two weeks ago (April 19th) was World Laundry Day, a day to remind people to turn off their dryers and air-dry their laundry outside for the sake of conserving energy. Luckily for this week’s theme, Lebanese people tend to do this on a daily basis, granted there’s no rain. On particularly sunny days, little neighborhoods, like Bourj Hammoud, are decorated with laundry coming in from every which way.

You’d be surprised with the things people hang outside for the entire world to see and the sometimes random things they hang out there that is an even bigger mystery (like plastic bags). Check out what we’re talking about here with this week’s assorted collection for the “Laundry” theme.

This week’s theme got everyone airing out their laundry for us to see so-to-speak and we had some very interesting entries showing a relatively mundane topic (laundry) in very creative ways. We’re positive some people are seeing laundry in a whole different light after this week.

One shot that really stood out from the rest was the following by Emilie taken from below:

By Emilie Houwat

A combination of the angle, use of black-and-white to keep focus on the main subjects (and not the red socks, for example) and the smiling man gives this shot a serene, timelessness. It’s lovely to look at and the laundry decorates the sky as white clouds would. Great job Emilie!

What are you’re thoughts about what makes this shot work so well? Share with us here!


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